Helping Shape the Future of Emergency Nursing

Verena Weissenborn: President

Verena Weissenborn is currently serving as President of the ENA New Mexico State Council. She was voted into office as President-elect for 2016. Her term as President ends in December 2017.

Verena is a Nurse Educator for Emergency and Trauma at the University of New Mexico Hospitals. She has over ten years of experience in nursing with main clinical background in adult and pediatric emergency care. She earned an MSN in Nursing Education and is Board Certified in Nursing Professional Development. She is also a Certified Emergency Nurse and Trauma Certified Registered Nurse. Verena is a Course Director for the Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course and the Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum and teaches many of these courses throughout the state. When she is not busy teaching, Verena regularly responds as a volunteer to mountain rescue missions in New Mexico.


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